The Biomolecular NMR Core supports biochemical, biophysical, metabolomics research in the Biological Sciences Division at the University of Chicago. The facility houses two 600 MHz and one 500 MHz NMR spectrometers, which are properly equipped for most modern solution state NMR experiments. This includes a high sensitivity, cryogenically cooled probe on our Varian INOVA 600 spectrometer, single axis gradients and pulse shaping on all spectrometers, variable temperature capabilities (-50˚C to 150 ˚C), and automatic tuning and matching on our Bruker AVANCE IIIHD 600 and Bruker AVANCE III 500. Our automation capabilities include a 60 sample robotic sample changer (Bruker SamplExpress) and a Gilson sample preparation robot.

    In addition to our state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers, we also provide expert assistance and training in solution state NMR spectroscopy. We can help you chose the experiments you need to run, teach you how to set up and optimize them, and assist with data processing and interpretation. We have an array of advanced processing software and computation facilities to assist with spectra interpretation. Our facility can help you solve the structure of large biological molecules, perform drug binding studies, identify protein-protein interaction sites, monitor biochemically important motions, or identify metabolites in a complex biofluid. Please feel free to contact us regarding your research.